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cassandra batts, fascial stretch therapist // chiro + physio assistant


cassandra batts

fascial stretch therapist // chiro + physio assistant

Cassandra has had a passion for movement ever since she was introduced to yoga at age 11. She completed her 500-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Yogaspace, and has been teaching there and elsewhere throughout the city since 2010. She is on the faculty of the Teacher Training program at Yogaspace as well as a personal trainer. Cassandra has received advanced teacher training in Prenatal Yoga, Flow Yoga, Advanced Anatomy, Advanced Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Through the Lens of Osteopathy, and Therapeutic Yoga.

Cassandra joined the team at Ossington Chiropractic & Rehabilitation in January 2015 and enjoys working alongside the team of health professionals to aid in injury prevention and treatment. She works with the Chiropractors and Physiotherapists in the clinic to create individualized plans for each patient.

As a long-time CrossFitter and lover of Olympic weightlifting, Cassandra has gained a comprehensive understanding of the mobility and flexibility needs of athletes within the CrossFit community. Cassandra started weight training as a very flexible yogi, and quickly learned it would be a long journey to build the necessary strength in her body to do the lifts safely and with the correct technique. Cassandra is currently on a competitive Olympic weightlifting team with coach Alex Varbanov. Her personal practice also includes a variety of other approaches to movement including but not limited too Crossfit, Gymnastics, Vinyasa yoga and Ashtanga yoga.

Cassandra holds certifications in Advanced Yoga teaching, Crossfit coaching and Fascial Stretch Therapy.