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videos: lower body exercises



The Squat with Justin

This Mindful Movement episode reviews the squat. Head Coach at Academy of Lions, Justin Santos, joins OCR's @cesarthephysio discuss squat setup, form and movement. Justin also discusses Olympic Lifting and the use of footwear in the sport.



Caving Knees

How does your squat look? Do your knees cave in? Check out this episode in which we explore hip stability, knee alignment and ankle mobility. We will review two exercises that can help improve your squat and prevent caving knees. 



Excessive Forward Lean

This episode is about another common squat fault. If you’re finding it difficult to hit the bottom of your squat or your chest keeps falling forward be sure to check this one out! We teach you how to assess yourself and correct the movement. 

Hip Stability 

Stable hips requires practice and skill and is needed for your functional movements. Use this exercise to help get your hips in line.




Penny Pen

In this episode we discuss the importance of having a good foundation. Being able to actively create an arch in the foot is an important skill to have for a lot of athletes as it helps create stability and decreases the risk of injury. Penny Pen is an exercise to reestablish the arch in your foot. 


Hamstring Strain

Here we talk about an injured hamstring. Perhaps you hurt it running, playing soccer, jumping, or deadlifting. Regardless, if you're feeling pain in the back of your thigh with movements like walking or extending your hips, this episode is for you!


Patellar Tendon Pain pt.1

Working with Kirsten today and discussing some strategies to help reduce pain in the patellar tendon. Whether you're a weightlifter, basketball player, soccer player, or a runner- this ones for you.