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fascial stretch therapy

Cheyenne Forsythe, Fascial Stretch Therapist

fascial stretch therapy (FST)

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)?
Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a unique system of assisted stretching which focuses on the muscles, joints, and connective tissue. This is a relatively new form of treatment that involves the therapist performing assisted stretching techniques with a client on a treatment table. Comfortable straps help stabilize the limb or part of the body that is not being stretched in order to facilitate complete relaxation and to enhance the effectiveness of the stretches. Fascia is a network of layered white connective tissue that surrounds muscles, bones, and joints. The joint capsule that surrounds joints is involved in optimizing the mechanical function of the joint and is also part of the fascial network. When the fascia and joint capsules are restricted it can cause increased muscle tightness, strains, and tears. It also contributes to scar tissue formation which inhibits movement patterns.

What are the benefits of FST? 
What makes this therapy different from other flexibility programs is that each stretch begins with a light-traction of the joint being treated. This allows for a deeper stretch by creating more space in joint. This is an excellent treatment choice for those wanting to improve flexibility and mobility, recover from training, prevent injury, and improve athletic performance.
FST is also a very powerful therapy that can be used to treat many conditions such as disc herniation, facet joint dysfunctions, tight hips, rotator cuff injuries, chronic headaches, plantar fasciitis, and pinched nerves. Patients benefit from this technique as it  restores, improves and maintains mobility as well as contributes to pain reduction and general well being. Fascial Stretch Therapy can also be an effective adjunct to physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment.  Ask your provider for more information and find out how you would benefit from this treatment.