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physiotherapy rehab videos | back + spine


physiotherapy Rehab videos | BACK + SPINE

Cesar Toledo is a full-time registered physiotherapist at Ossington Chiropractic and Rehabilitation.

thoracic Spine mobility

In this video we talk about thoracic spine mobility. The thoracic spine is the foundation for the shoulders and neck and therefore we cannot fully rehabilitate either without looking at and possibly treating the thoracic spine. We discuss a technique to help with thoracic spine mobility. 


acute low Back Pain Pt. 1

This episode is all about acute low back pain. If you were doing a deadlift and you felt some pain, if you went to pick up your kid from the floor and felt pain, or if you woke up like this...this video is for you. These exercises are safe ways in which you can start to calm the pain down and begin the rebuilding phase.


acute low Back Pain Pt.2 

“Back” at it again with Keren aka @kombucha.mami and we’re talking about some higher level core and back stability exercises! Once you’ve had a chance at perfecting the exercises in Pt. 1 and your pain is better managed, now it’s time to really challenge your core. 


Low Back Hyperextension 

 In this episode we are discussing the lower back fault with a focus on motor control and the hips. If you found it difficult to get into the position we spoke about in the Posture episode, watch this video and give these exercises a try!