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physiotherapy rehab videos | mobility + stability


Physiotherapy videos | Mobility + Stability

Cesar Toledo is a full-time registered physiotherapist at Ossington Chiropractic and Rehabilitation.

Functional Balance 

If you're recovering from a previous ankle sprain or other lower body injury and looking to improve your balance these group of exercises are for you. We take you through a range of easy - advanced stability exercises to help you improve balance and stability. 



Squat Mobility 

In this episode we talk a little bit about the squat! Some people are limited in their squat; in hip flexion and external rotation so here we review ways in which we can help with these hips movements.



Are you experiencing back pain from doing a ton of KB swings during your workouts? In this episode we explore the American + Russian swing and some faults regarding the movements. 


Thoracic Spine Mobility

How does your squat look? Do your knees cave in?

Check out this episode which is all about this issue. No need to worry, we also go through ways in which you can help tackle these issues on your own. 



Today Cesar the Physiotherapist helps us get acquainted with our posture. What to look for and how to test good alignment in motion. Knowing how to get into a good position is not as easy as some people make it out to be. It is a skill and it takes time to learn how to get into a strong and efficient position.

Low Back Hyper-Extension

In this week’s episode we discuss the lower back fault with a focus on motor control and the hips. If you found it difficult to get into the correct position in the posture episode, watch this video and give these exercises a try.