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physiotherapy rehab videos | upper body exercises


Physiotherapy Rehab exercises | Upper Body

Cesar Toledo is a full-time registered physiotherapist at Ossington Chiropractic and Rehabilitation.

Shoulder Self-Assessment 

Does your shoulder hurt after overhead work in the gym?

Pinching or sharp pain with overhead movements? Pull ups, push press, jerks, swimming, etc. Shoulder injuries can happen with repetitive strain or traumatically. If you're experiencing some pain with movement and unsure of what it may be, try these three moves out to help narrow it down. If the pain is very intense, go see a health professional!



Rotator Cuff Part 1. 

You're pretty certain you've hurt your rotator cuff from the self-assessment video, and now you're looking to speed up the healing process. This episode reviews simple and effective exercises to help promote blood flow and speed up healing. 



Rotator Cuff part 2. 

Now that your shoulder is feeling better it’s time to make it resilient. Remember, your body adapts to the stress (or lack of stress) that you put it through. This means we have to slowly ramp things back up to your regular routine. These exercises should be pain-free.



DIAPHRAGMATIC Breathing for Acute Lower Back Pain

Are you experiencing acute lower back pain?

This episode is all about acute low back pain. If you were doing a deadlift and you felt some pain, if you went to pick up your kid from the floor and felt pain, or if you woke up like this...this episode is for you. These exercises are safe ways to start decrease the pain down and begin the rebuilding phase.